Revealing the numbers behind the grid

Rasters Revealed is a one-day conference about the use of raster datasets. Many conferences are themed around specific market sectors, and end up presenting on very similar topics. This meeting seeks to do something a little different!

The conference uses raster data as a common thread around which to share knowledge and experience of data generation, management, dissemination and processing methods, all of which are applied and required across the large range of market sectors and disciplines (commercial and academic) that utilise raster datasets.

The meeting focuses on sharing experiences of using these data and will highlight areas where disciplines could learn from each other to make processing, management and data use more efficient. The attendees will hear about new methods and techniques, and will have the opportunity to make new contacts.

This meeting is targeted to people who might do some or all of the following:

  • develop software for processing raster data;
  • store and manage TB of raster data;
  • have issues moving such data across networks;
  • use raster data on a daily basis or are looking to start using raster data;
  • are a proprietary data or software provider;
  • are a proponent and supplier of open raster data and associated software;
  • use rasters in terrestrial environments;
  • are interested in elevation; or
  • do a myriad other things linked to rasters!

Find out more about Rasters Revealed 2021 here.

You can see what happened in the first Rasters Revealed, which took place in Oxford, on 21 February 2017, here.