Why Rasters Revealed?

Rasters Revealed is being hosted by Geoger Ltd in Oxford on 21st Feb 2017. Geoger Ltd is a small consultancy comprised of me, Alastair Graham  (the director and currently the sole employee). I’ve been asked by a few people why I am organising this meeting.

The primary drive for organising Rasters Revealed is to put on a meeting that I would want to go to.

I’ve  noticed that a lot of the meetings that I attend are usually themed around specific market sectors, and whilst there’s no problem with this the presentations do tend to coalesce around the same topics. But as a scientist and consultant, I need to understand (and am interested in) a variety of skills and techniques and use-cases around the data that I use. As someone with an environmental data and remote sensing back ground I have mainly focussed on raster data.

As many of you will know, this is a hugely diverse topic. I agree!

However, I think that a greater sharing of data generation, data management, data dissemination and data processing methods is needed across all of the market sectors and commercial and academic disciplines. The plan is to attract speakers from a range of backgrounds and to get people talking about how they currently handle raster data and what could be done differently.

This meeting is for you if you: develop software for processing raster data; or store and manage TB of raster data; or have issues moving these data across networks; or use raster data on a daily basis; or are looking to start using raster data; are a proprietary data or software provider; or are a proponent and supplier of open raster data and associated software; or use rasters in terrestrial environments; or are interested in elevation; or use marine-based or atmospheric raster data; or do a myriad other things linked to rasters.

The point is, this meeting will be a way of highlighting and sharing your experiences, as well as learning from other that might help you use raster data more effectively.  Come and learn about new methods and techniques, and make new contacts. I hope to see you in Oxford very soon!