Rasters Rev 2021: Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is largely taken from that created and used for FOSS4GUK Online.

General Guidelines

These guidelines are meant as a tool to help presenters and attendees have an enjoyable event, and should be read alongside the general OSGeo Code of Conduct, which applies to all platforms and communication channels.

Guidelines for Attendees

Please don’t share any event links you receive with anyone else – bad karma! They are for registered attendees only.

All delegates will be muted when they enter a room and the host or co-host will have the choice to unmute and mute depending on the numbers in the room.

Guidelines for Presenters

Online conferences must be moderated in the normal sense, from starting and stopping presentations and acting on code of conduct issues. The host and any co-hosts, will handle the technical aspects of managing security throughout the event but all attendees are responsible for creating a safe and secure event. Some general guidelines are as follows:

  • Do not share the conference Zoom link on social media. This will help curtail those who would intentionally attempt to disrupt your Zoom call.
  • Screen sharing will be disabled for everyone apart from the presenter. If someone else needs to share their screen, this can be enabled on the fly by the conference host or co-host.


The host or co-host is there to manage the technical and communications aspects of the sessions, and process, and to allow presenters to focus on their content – both presenters and attendees should channel issues and questions through them to help the sessions run smoothly.

The meeting host or co-host reserves the right to place people causing a nuisance or trolls ‘on hold’ and they will not be able to participate in the call until the hold is removed.

If there are further instances of inappropriate behaviour the participant will be removed from the event permanently.

The meeting host or co-host reserves the right to ‘lock the meeting’ completely, which prevents any new attendees accessing the event. They also have the right to end the event completely if there are continued episodes of contravention of the Code of Conduct by multiple individuals.

Escalating and/Reporting a Problem

Issues that cannot be handled by the presentation host and co-host should be escalated to Alastair Graham, the event host, via email.

Meeting recordings

Presentations may be recorded and made available for public viewing. This is done on an opt-out basis. If you do not wish for your presentation to be recorded, or after the presentation don’t wish for the recording to be uploaded to YouTube, then you must explicitly contact the event host.

Presentations where a code of conduct violation is known to have occurred will be treated separately and a joint decision between the presenter and host will be made as to whether the recording should be made available.

Asking Questions

You can ask a question during a presentation by using the Zoom chat facility (it will only allow you to send a message to the host or co-host). The host will select a few questions at the end of the talk and will ask them on your behalf.

We have disabled the facility to chat with other attendees in the Zoom app because it can get too noisy in big sessions. Alternative arrangements have been made to continue the discussions in Discord.


We may be recording video of the sessions and your image could appear in some of the video (or in screenshots that we may post to Twitter).

Be Nice!

I hope I have thought of everything and that the day runs smoothly. But if stuff goes wrong, please be patient, I will get problems fixed as fast as possible.