The Data Workflow

The Data Workflow session in Rasters Revealed 2021 Online will involve presentations from, and discussions between, representatives from the following organisations:

The concept behind this session is to take the attendee on a journey from the construction of a data capture platform, through data storage and dissemination, to data visualisation and analysis. Alba Orbital constructs small satellites and currently captures night-light imagery; Amazon has a whole host of EO data related services but the most relevant are likely to be the AWS Ground Station and Open Data Registry offerings; and the University of Geneva is involved in constructing the Swiss Data Cube, a great example of how fine resolution data can be combined in the data cube model.

I’m really looking forward to hearing all about this, and if this sounds like the sort of thing you’d be interested in too then I hope to see you at the session on 15th January 2021.

Keep an eye on the #rastersrev website ( for all and any updates to do with the day, and remember to register and get ready for using Discord for interacting with speakers and fellow attendees.