Data Applications

In a session on applications, we have speakers Andy Tatem from the University of Southampton, and Rebecca Bennett from Pushing the Sensors who will be talking about population grids and elevation data for archaeology, respectively.

Andy is a professor of spatial demography and epidemiology and is the Director of WorldPop and Flowminder, so given the year that was 2020 I can imagine that there will be loads of relevant content – not just for Rasters Revealed but for understanding the wider world around us too.

Rebecca is an archaeologist specialising in aerial and ground-based landscape studies and the application of airborne remote sensing. Understanding elevation data and the other forms of raster data that are used in archaeological studies is critical for making informed decisions about what may have happened at a site.

Keep an eye on the #rastersrev website ( for all and any updates to do with the day, and remember to register and get ready for using Discord for interacting with speakers and fellow attendees.