2021 Feedback

Now that the dust has settled and the majority (I guess) of the feedback has been received, I just wanted to give a quick summary responses from the event follow-up form.

These plots are really heartening – it seems that I managed to get the focus about right, but it’s good to know that there are still a few things that could be tweaked to make it even more engaging and enjoyable for the attendees.

There have also been a host of positive comments which really make me smile – it’s great to know that the event, organised because I was looking for a something a bit different in the events I go to, has been accepted so positively by others:

Using Discord worked really well for getting discussions going, better than any other platform I’ve seen used.

The info for delegates was great – really handy doc with the agenda and links etc. I loved that and also that at the start of every session we got a link to it again.

Really interesting range of topics covered, especially compared to more research / academic focused conferences.

Thanks for organising and putting so much thought and effort into something which worked well virtually.

Of all the virtual conferences I have attended I can genuinely say this has been the best from an experience and interaction point of view. Well done!

Whole event was very well put on with great guest speakers. Hoping very much there will be another one!

Rasters Revealed was a friendly, enjoyable and valuable one-day conference. It brought together an enthusiastic crowd of raster data users willing to share their knowledge and positively contributed to developing the community. I’d definitely attend again.

Thank you to everyone who left comments on Discord or via the feedback form. Some of the comments that suggested things to improve on or do differently included:

  • to be more explicit about timings and time-zones to account for a global audience
  • to promote the fact that Discord was open for joining before the event, and that those who joined could start discussions ahead of and after the event itself
  • introductory sessions could be a useful addition for newcomers

And finally we come to whether to repeat the event and when that might be. I asked the attendees in the feedback form whether and when they would like to see another Rasters Revealed:

  • No one said they didn’t want another event (Phew!)
  • 2% said in another 4 years
  • 7% said in about 2 years time
  • 34% said every six months would be good
  • 57% asked for an annual meeting

This is great and gives me plenty to think about. With virtual events being more common and flexible in their format there could indeed be the opportunity for another event in less than the 4 year gap between 2017 and 2021!

Thank you everyone for your support and comments.