The State of EO

I’m really excited by some of the sessions that are scheduled for Rasters Revealed 2021 Online (well, planned – I still need to finalise the agenda ūüėÄ ) and over the next few days I’ll give you a flavour of the types of sessions to expect.

First up, I can announce that we are going to have what promises to be a lively and informative panel session on the State of Earth Observation with three key influencers from the world of modern remote sensing:

I think that this will be a great discussion between three noted members of the sector, all of whom have fascinating views and opinions on how the sector is operating at the moment.

Keep an eye on the #rastersrev website ( for all and any updates to do with the day, and remember to register and get ready for using Discord for interacting with speakers and fellow attendees.

Meeting organiser: Geoger

Geoger Ltd. is a spatial and environmental data consultancy, specialising in remote sensing, image processing and elements of mapping, as well as environmental and spatial data analysis and project management. We apply scientific methods and commercial standards to data, primarily using open-source software and advocating the inclusion of open data. We provide services to commercial and academic clients with the aim of increasing awareness of remote sensing and open-source. Currently, Geoger Ltd is Alastair Graham!

Agenda coming soon…

There has been a brilliant response to the Call for Presentations, which is now closed.  A large number of very interesting talks and workshops have been submitted!  The Raster Revealed organisers are currently assessing each submission and filling the conference agenda.  Many thanks to everyone who has submitted an abstract: we will be in touch soon with more information!

After having got in touch with the presenters, and confirmed arrangements, the Raster Revealed Agenda will be published.

If you haven’t yet registered, please do so here.

Call for Presentations

From¬†the responses to the Survey of Wants (which will remain open until December, so if you have a view on specific topics you’d like included then make sure you have your say) it is clear that a mix of talks and workshops is favoured.

As such, the Call for Presentations is asking for speakers and providers of both types of content delivery.

Please use this online form

…to register your willingness to provide either a talk or a workshop. If you’d like to offer more than one talk or workshop, or a mix of the two, then you’ll need to fill in the form separately for each.

The deadline for entries is December 21st 2016.

The topics can be proposed at any level from novice to advanced audiences, and can be on any topic to do with creating, managing, analysing and disseminating spatial raster data. This doesn’t need to be confined to terrestrial systems, and can include planetary data, bathymetry, atmospheric model data to name a few.

As a guide, workshops will need to be designed for up to 15-20 people who will be required to bring their own laptops. The need for any data or software that should be downloaded prior to the workshop can be communicated through the Rasters Revealed website in advance by the organiser.

Survey of Wants!

It’s been very interesting seeing the responses to the initial ‘Survey of Wants’ come flowing in. The graphics in this post provide a summary of just a couple of the questions that were asked.



The organisation is well underway and more will be announced soon in terms of the venue and date of the meeting, as well as information on a call for presentations and details on registration.

In the meantime, please spread the word amongst your contacts that use raster data or want to find out more about the data format and how it is being implemented.