This is the booking page for Rasters Revealed, and in the spirit of supporting other local SMEs, it is developed and hosted by Oxford-based company BookWhen.



If you scroll down on the landing page you will see a link to Meeting Ticket. There is a single-priced ticket available for all attendees of the meeting, set at £45. Click on the Select button and choose the number of tickets you want to book. Then click Proceed and you’ll be taken to the booking form.

You, or anyone with a credit card who can book on your behalf, will then need to fill in the booking form details. You may need to re-click on the Is this you? checkbox if you are booking a place for yourself to make sure that your email automatically populates the attendee details.

When adding a website to the form, make sure that the http:// is included in the address otherwise you will be asked to enter a valid URL.

Payment will be requested by a pop-up from so if you see nothing when proceeding to payment, check your browser settings for pop-up blocking or extensions such as Privacy Badger. Payment will be taken by card only.

A refund for the value of the ticket, minus third-party site processing fees, will be provided for cancellations up to a fortnight before the event. No refunds will be provided for cancellations in the fortnight before the meeting.

If there are any issues with your booking, please contact Alastair Graham using the form on the Geoger contact page.