Rasters Revealed has now finalised its agenda.  The conference promises to be a very interesting mix of subjects and speakers.  The list of talks and workshops are given below and are followed by info on the venue and travel advice.

Conference content

List of Talks:

List of Workshops:

I am very happy to announce that one of the speaker sessions has been sponsored by, and will be chaired by a representative of, Map of Agriculture.

Please see the Sponsorship page for details on all sponsors.

A full agenda will be sent out to delegates in early February. A copy will also be made available on this website.

Venue and Travel

Rasters Revealed is being held at Worcester College, Walton St, Oxford, OX1 2HB, UK on the 21st February 2017.

Worcester College is a wonderful venue with a mix of modern buildings and teaching spaces as well as Georgian and medieval architecture. Worcester College (1714) lies on the site of Gloucester College (1283) which was founded by the Benedictine Abbey of St Peter at Gloucester as a place of study for monks. The dissolution of the monasteries also led to the closure of Gloucester College, but buildings from this period remain inside the current College grounds. The buildings went through various owners and uses over the next few centuries before being re-founded as Worcester College. Worcester is close to the centre of Oxford today, but has extensive gardens and grounds that are worth taking in if the weather is favourable and which are as much of an attraction for visitors as the architecture.

The venue is very close to the railway station (less than a kilometre away).  It is also very close to the centre of Oxford if attendees wanted to quickly walk round some of the main tourist sights.


Parking in Oxford is a pain at the best of times – you have been warned! There is no parking at the venue, but there are a couple of options for paid parking in the town centre. However, it is recommended that the Seacourt Park & Ride is used. The parking costs for the P&R are low and the buses are frequent, dropping off and picking up from very close to the train station.

The map below shows the locations of the venue, the railway station (don’t go to Oxford Parkway station!), a selection of central carparks and Seacourt Park & Ride (plus bus stops). Click on the carpark symbols for links to their official pages and information about charge, directions etc.


All travel costs (including parking costs and charges) are the responsibility of the attendees and not the meeting organiser.


The following wonderful organisations are sponsoring Rasters Revealed

Band level sponsors:


At Map of Agriculture, our job is to help farmers by bringing together lots of information into one place, making it easier to understand, use and share with trusted advisers. We help farmers do three key things. We help cut down the time spent on paperwork, filing and form filling by storing information and making it easy to share. We help decision making by capturing on-farm data, making it easy to use and understand. We help growth by connecting farmers with advisors, peers and others, to share ideas, benchmarks and best practice. We believe that agriculture as a whole will benefit if we empower individual farmers to share the right information, with the right person, at the right time.

Pixel level sponsors:


The aims of OSGeo:UK are to support within the UK the wider aims of the global OSGeo Foundation. The organisation is a focal point for developers and users of open source geospatial software within the UK, providing opportunities for networking and raising the profile of open source geospatial issues within the UK. OSGeo:UK promotes open source geospatial software as a viable choice for all users.


Specto Natura is a Cambridge-based consultancy which enables its clients to deliver useful, accurate and reliable environmental information from remote sensing / Earth Observation. It sits between the users, the service providers who deliver EO-based products and the technology developers who are pushing the inside of the envelope. In this position it aims to maximise the benefits to users of EO data which is built on the latest technology, but within a robust and viable context to deliver sustainable results.


Geo Smart Decisions aims to provide definitive geospatial data and mapping that will inform well-founded decision-making that will contribute to global sustainable development goals and activities that better our world.  Our mission is to provide excellent mapping deliverables in close consultation with our clients. Geo Smart Decisions consultants use, map, manage and analyse spatial data for a range of environmental applications and we commit to getting this data to our clients efficiently and reliably so that this data can go on to inform the business of our clients, support development agendas or contribute to the environmental planning process.


The world of space and satellite applications can be confusing. Terreflexion Consulting Limited will help you navigate your way to the answer you need. Terreflexion Consulting Limited was established in 2013 to provide professional support to existing and new users of satellite technology with a particular focus on Earth observation applications. Founding Director, Andrew Shaw, has 20 years experience operating at the interface between commercial, government and research sectors having held influential positions within all three domains. Terreflexion provide unique insight into the complex world of satellite Earth observation offering fresh ideas and strategic advice to a range of clients.

Meeting host:


Geoger Ltd. is a spatial and environmental data consultancy, specialising in remote sensing and image processing, as well as environmental and spatial data analysis and project management. The company applies scientific methods and commercial standards to data, primarily using open-source software and advocating the inclusion of open data. Geoger provides services to commercial and academic clients with the aim of increasing awareness of remote sensing and open-source.