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To offer sensible registration costs, make the meeting accessible to as many as possible, and to offer opportunities for organisations to connect with key people, we are offering a range of sponsorship packages suitable for organisations of all sizes. Do get in touch using the form at the bottom of this page if your organisation is interested in helping produce this meeting via sponsorship!


The following wonderful organisations are sponsoring Rasters Revealed 2018.



Established in 2013, apmgeo is a consultancy based in South-East England that provides specialist geospatial and Earth Observation (EO) services to a range of public bodies, local authorities, charities and private companies. We help our clients make more from geographical information through our consultancy, analysis, technical support and training. We have experience of creating national raster datasets and raster analysis / modelling (including land cover, noise and population models).
Our EO experience includes participation in several EODIP and CCDP projects through the Defra EO Centre of Excellence and extensive use of LiDAR data (terrain and habitat modelling, visibility analysis, telecoms), aerial photography (including change detection) and a variety of satellite imagery (especially Copernicus data). We are currently working with Specto Natura and Geoger on the European Environment Agency’s Urban Atlas enrichment project.
We’re proud to sponsor Rasters Revealed and look forward to seeing you at this great conference. Further details of our work can be found at www.apmgeo.co.uk



Geo Smart Decisions aims to provide definitive geospatial data and mapping that will inform well-founded decision-making that will contribute to global sustainable development goals and activities that better our world.  Our mission is to provide excellent mapping deliverables in close consultation with our clients. Geo Smart Decisions consultants use, map, manage and analyse spatial data for a range of environmental applications and we commit to getting this data to our clients efficiently and reliably so that this data can go on to inform the business of our clients, support development agendas or contribute to the environmental planning process.


Specto Natura is a Cambridge-based consultancy which enables its clients to deliver useful, accurate and reliable environmental information from remote sensing / Earth Observation. It sits between the users, the service providers who deliver EO-based products and the technology developers who are pushing the inside of the envelope. In this position it aims to maximise the benefits to users of EO data which is built on the latest technology, but within a robust and viable context to deliver sustainable results.



Geoger Ltd. is a spatial and environmental data consultancy, specialising in remote sensing and image processing, as well as environmental and spatial data analysis and project management. The company applies scientific methods and commercial standards to data, primarily using open-source software and advocating the inclusion of open data. Geoger provides services to commercial and academic clients with the aim of increasing awareness of remote sensing and open-source.


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