Rasters Rev 2018: Venue announced

I am very pleased to announce that the venue for Rasters Revealed 2018 has been confirmed. The next conference will be held at the Urban Innovation Centre  in London on the 11th April 2018. This is an excellent venue, with ample space for the presentations and workshops that we want to put on for our delegates.

The Centre boasts  excellent technical facilities and easy to access WiFi (we heard you regarding the issues about accessing the WiFi in 2017). The rooms that we will be using are also close together (another feedback point from the 2017 event was the walk between the workshop and presentation rooms). Travel into the venue is simple, with a 5 minute walk once you exit Farringdon Station (maps and full details will be on the website in due course).

It’ll be great to see you there!

Venue & Date

The inaugural Rasters Revealed will be held on:

Tuesday 21st February 2017


Worcester College, Oxford


Worcester College is a wonderful venue with a mix of modern buildings and teaching spaces as well as Georgian and medieval architecture. Worcester College (1714) lies on the site of Gloucester College (1283) which was founded by the Benedictine Abbey of St Peter at Gloucester as a place of study for monks. The dissolution of the monasteries also led to the closure of Gloucester College, but buildings from this period remain inside the current College grounds. The buildings went through various owners and uses over the next few centuries before being re-founded as Worcester College. Worcester is close to the centre of Oxford today, but has extensive gardens and grounds that are worth taking in if the weather is favourable and which are as much of an attraction for visitors as the architecture.