No Rasters Rev 2018

I would like to thank those who submitted abstracts and booked tickets for your support of the Rasters Revealed 2018 event.
It is unfortunate, but I have to cancel the event to have been held on 11 April 2018. A number of reasons have conspired to make it untenable and I do not feel that I will be able to make it the event that I would like it to be.
My hope is to try and keep the idea of Rasters Revealed alive and either put on another event at a later date, or change the format to something else. I strongly believe that there is a requirement to get technical data users from different sectors to talk to each other so that we can all learn about new methods, best practice and reduce the amount of duplication of effort.
Thank you for your understanding, and if you have any queries or comments then please do get in touch.

Rasters Rev 2018: Bookings open!


I am delighted to announce that bookings are now open for Rasters Revealed 2018. Please use the following link to purchase your place at the conference and make sure that you attend this engaging event.


The 2017 conference was a sell-out event, and based on the feedback I’ve had, it looks as if 2018 will be no different. Make sure you book your tickets ASAP to avoid being disappointed.

Also, the call for talks and workshops for Rasters Revealed 2018 is currently open and accepting abstracts.

Submit abstracts here:

The 2018 meeting has so far been generously sponsored by three organisations whose details can be found at the following link. I am looking for at least two more sponsors so that the conference is able to offer all the features I’d like to see, so if your organisation can help then please get in touch.

Sponsorship options here: 

The meeting is taking place on the 11th April at the Urban Innovation Centre in London, and is great value at £55 for the entire day.

Rasters Revealed is a one day meeting, held to discuss all topics to do with creating, managing, analysing and disseminating spatial raster data. The idea is to share experiences and knowledge of datasets across disciplines. There have been some great abstract submissions so far, but we need more! Abstracts are welcome on all related topics, so please do submit an abstract.

I really look forward to seeing you in London in April for what promises to be a fascinating day.

All other details are available on the meeting website,, on the ‘Updates & Blog’ page. In the meantime, feel free to circulate this information as widely as possible and share on social media (#rastersrev).


Rasters Rev 2018: Call for presentations

Once again, Rasters Revealed wants to offer a mix of talks and workshops to our delegates.

As such, the Call for Presentations is asking for speakers and providers of both types of content delivery.

Please use this online form…

…to register your willingness to provide either a talk or a workshop. If you’d like to offer more than one talk or workshop, or a mix of the two, then you’ll need to fill in the form separately for each.

The deadline for entries is January 31st 2018 EDIT: 26th Feb 2018 but get in sooner rather than later as it’s anticipated that uptake will be high for this event.

The topics can be proposed at any level from novice to advanced audiences, and can be on any topic to do with creating, managing, analysing and disseminating spatial raster data, preferably with some link to the theme of time-series and temporal data. This doesn’t need to be confined to terrestrial systems, and can include planetary data, bathymetry, atmospheric model data to name a few.

As a guide, workshops will need to be designed for about 20 people who will be required to bring their own laptops. The need for any data or software that should be downloaded prior to the workshop can be communicated through the Rasters Revealed website in advance by the organiser.

Rasters Rev 2018: Venue announced

I am very pleased to announce that the venue for Rasters Revealed 2018 has been confirmed. The next conference will be held at the Urban Innovation Centre  in London on the 11th April 2018. This is an excellent venue, with ample space for the presentations and workshops that we want to put on for our delegates.

The Centre boasts  excellent technical facilities and easy to access WiFi (we heard you regarding the issues about accessing the WiFi in 2017). The rooms that we will be using are also close together (another feedback point from the 2017 event was the walk between the workshop and presentation rooms). Travel into the venue is simple, with a 5 minute walk once you exit Farringdon Station (maps and full details will be on the website in due course).

It’ll be great to see you there!

Rasters Rev 2018: What?

If you weren’t at Rasters Revealed 2017 (and why not?) and you haven’t heard of Rasters Revealed before, then you are probably wondering what it is all about.

The plan is to put on a one-day meeting called Rasters Revealed in April 2018. This meeting will focus on the use of geospatial raster data of all kinds as well as how it is managed, distributed, processed and analysed. Linked to this will be issues around what raster-centric software is used to complete these tasks, as well as consideration of open data and free and open source software. There is a loose theme for the upcoming conference: time-series and temporal data (although all inked to gridded spatial data in some way).

As with the 2017 event, there has already been a large amount of interest from a range of users of geographic raster information. The point of the this conference is to put on the sort of meeting that we, the organisers, would want to go to and that we don’t think exists at the moment. Judging by the response in 2017, many of you agree with us. We want to learn more about what is happening in industry, academia and government in all aspects related to our favourite data type: raster.

The meeting is being hosted by Alastair Graham of Geoger Ltd., with support from Andy Murdock and Geoff Smith. Updates about the meeting will be made through this website, and registration is planned to open in January 2018.

In the meantime you can use the hashtag #rastersrev to discuss on Twitter. See you at the meeting!


This is just a very brief post to let you know that plans are underway for another Rasters Revealed one-day conference to be held in the spring of 2018. Exact dates and locations are being finalised now, so keep an eye on this site and on Twitter #rastersrev for updates.